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Do I really need a crown?

Sometimes you may be advised that you need a crown.  This is because a filling requires a significant amount of tooth to hold the filling in place.  If a lot of the tooth is missing due to decay or fracture then there may not be enough tooth remaining to hold a filling in place.  You may decide not to have a crown but you will have to accept that you may have to keep paying to have the tooth refilled or you may have to have the tooth extracted if the tooth splits.  Although a crown may initially cost more than a filling you may find that paying for multiple fillings for the same tooth results in a higher cost and the tooth will still be weak.

  A filling does not usually strengthen a tooth.  Many teeth crack and break when they have been weakened by a large cavity, excessive chewing forces, night time grinding or an accidental knock.  A crown wraps around the entire tooth and acts like a very precise band to hold the tooth together.  

A crown strengthens and restores a tooth by covering and protecting the entire tooth.

A crown is usually indicated for back teeth that have had root canal therapy, (endodontic therapy).  These teeth are at a very high risk of fracturing and loss of the tooth is often the only option available after the fracture.

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