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Infection Control for Your Protection

Your health and safety is our highest priority. For this reason you can be assured that all instruments in our surgery are sterilized within an autoclave.

Prior to sterilization all instruments are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.

Critical instruments are wrapped and sealed in special sterilization wrap or bags. This ensures that the instruments remain sterile until they are unwrapped at the time of use.

How do we know the instruments have been sterilized?

We use four separate checks of the sterilization process.

Firstly, the process is monitored by an onboard computer within the autoclave. This will provide an alert if the sterilization cycle has not proceeded according to the necessary parameters required for sterilization.  A record is maintained of all cycles.

Secondly, chemical indicators are placed within the autoclave for each cycle to double check that the correct time and temperatures have been achieved. These indicators change colour when these conditions have been met.

Thirdly, markers are placed on each packet of instruments which change colour after sterilization. This way we can always see that we are opening a sterile pack for you.

Finally, we test the effectiveness of the autoclave by placing a sealed vial of non-infectious bacteria within the autoclave. This vial is incubated to see if any bacteria survive.  We keep a record of all test results.

In addition, the autoclave is also tested and calibrated by qualified technicians on a regular basis to ensure correct functioning. Click on the image to see the current certificate of compliance.