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Orthodontics for straighter teeth. 

We offer comprehensive orthodontic services for all ages from children to adults.

Many people experience problems associated with misaligned teeth, bite problems, excessively protrusive teeth, crowded and overlapping teeth or excessive spaces.

Today we can correct many of these problems using fixed appliances (braces) or removable appliances (plates).

We offer a choice of looks for your braces ranging form the conventional metal brackets to clear braces and white wires.

Invisible Braces
Today, for some people with mild to moderate crowding, we can offer braces that can't be seen during your normal daily activities. Called the Social 6 or lingual bracket system, the appliance is applied to the back of the teeth.

The duration of treatment is usually much shorter than conventional braces. Most cases are completed in 2 to 6 months.

This type of orthodontic treatment is faster and usually at a lower cost than plastic aligners.

There will be no staining, discolouration or marking of the front surface of the teeth since the brackets are bonded behind the teeth.

Adults now comprise a large percentage of our patients.

ClearCorrect is a method of aligning teeth utilising a series of clear aligners.