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Preventing Decay & Gum Disease

Our aim is to enhance your dental health. Prevention is always better than cure. 

As a part of your consultation we assess your likely risk of future tooth decay.

If we believe we can reduce the risk of future decay we may institute a personalized preventative program.  This may include some of the things below.

Custom Program

When needed, we provide a custom program detailing the appropriate steps you can take to reduce your dental bills and save you visits to the dentist.

This will reduce your need for fillings, reduce the loss of teeth and save you money. 

Your teeth will be healthier and stronger. You will be able to eat and smile with more confidence.

Brushing your teeth is the most important (but not only) task you should thoroughly perform everyday for at least two minutes twice a day. I recommend a powered toothbrush as the best way to thoroughly clean your teeth. 

Tooth Mousse is a significant recent development in the prevention of tooth decay resulting from intensive research at the University of Melbourne. This easily applied paste can be used at home to reverse early decay and make your teeth more resistant to acid attack. For more information visit this link >>


People with a high risk of tooth decay can benefit from professionally applied concentrated fluoride as well as from the use of specially developed high fluoride toothpastes. 

For more information follow this link>>

Custom trays can be provided to achieve a prolonged and effective application of calcium phosphate and/or fluoride. It is a custom made thin laminate which holds the paste in contact with the enamel for a prolonged period for maximum effect. This can be worn for several minutes or for several hours. It is often worn whilst sleeping. This can be combined with whitening gels.

Floss & Piksters 

Over 50% of cavities occur between the teeth where a toothbrush can't reach. This is also a vulnerable site for gum disease. We recommend the use of floss and small interdental brushes such as Piksters that will clean areas missed by flossed.