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Restoring Teeth with beautiful crowns

Crowns and fillings are used to replace the part of the tooth lost due to decay or fracture.

We usually use tooth coloured composite resin for single visit, smaller restorations, to restore your tooth back to its original appearance.

If your tooth has been weakened by a large cavity a large charity or several cavities then higher strength restorations such as crowns or inlays are required. These are made outside of your mouth, usually in two stages.  These create a beautiful and extremely strong restoration.  

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large amalgam dental filling
white tooth after amalgam filling replacement

Onlays are used to strengthen teeth that are at risk of fracture.  They can be used when a crown is not required.  An onlay may be made of composite resin, ceramic or gold. They are usually constructed in a laboratory on a precise model of the prepared tooth.  Two visits are usually required.

Crowns are ideal for strengthening teeth.

Crowns may also realign crooked teeth, close spaces, improve discoloured and chipped teeth.

These are high strength restorations that cover the entire outside of the tooth with a lifelike ceramic or, when greater strength is required, a precious metal alloy may be included inside the crown.


  • Restore broken or fractured teeth
  • Strengthen root canal teeth
  • Improve biting abilities
  • Replace large unsightly fillings
  • Cosmetic improvements
  • Realign crooked teeth
  • Support cracked teeth