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Retainer Care and Wear

Now that you have completed your orthodontic treatment it is important to continue to wear your retainer exactly as you have been instructed.  Do not stop wearing your retainer unless you have been advised otherwise.

Wear your retainers day and night except when eating or brushing your teeth

When not wearing the retainer please remember to place it in the case provided.  Retainers only break when they are not being worn.

Don’t wrap your retainers in tissue, glad wrap, paper bag, etc.  People will pick them up and throw them out or else someone will sit on them.

Don’t boil your retainers.

Don’t place in mouthwashes or harsh chemicals.

Clean with a toothbrush and soap.  Rinse well.

To freshen your retainer, soak in a mix of bleach and water, or vinegar and water (1:10) for 10 minutes.

Don’t let the dog near your retainer.  They are great doggy chews.