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Why Dental X-Rays Are Important.

Dental x-radiographs are an important part of a dental examination.  They enable us to provide you with an accurate diagnosis, more comfortable dental visits, reduced costs and information that you can use to enhance your dental health and reduce the risk of future dental disease.

Reversal of early acid attack means fewer fillings. 

Many dental problems are not detectable without x-rays until significant injury or infection has occured. Early detection enables preventative action to be taken.  If detected early enough it is possible to reverse injury from acid attack of enamel and prevent the need for a filling. See our "Home Care" page.

Smaller fillings .

Large cavities significantly weaken a tooth resulting in an increased likelihood of tooth fracture, root canal treatment and the need for larger restorations or extraction.  Early detection means smaller fillings and a stronger tooth. Smaller fillings often have a lower cost than larger restorations.  

Large cavities increase the risk of serious infection and abscess formation.  Early detection  and treatment can reduce the need for extractions or root canal treatment.

Detect impacted teeth.

Impacted teeth can be detected before injury to adjacent teeth occurs or serious infection develops.

Gum disease - early detection essential

Bone loss adjacent to teeth is an indicator of gum disease.  Early detection is important as bone loss around teeth cannot be reversed.  Prevention and regular home care is essential to prevent chronic gum disease and the risk of tooth loss.

Exposure levels.

Some people are concerned about exposure to radiation from dental x-radiography.

We are all constantly exposed to radiation during our normal day to day activities.  Dental exposure to radiation is less than the average daily exposure from all sources. Natural background radiation exposure per year is 300 times the exposure from a dental radiograph. A seven hour plane flight exposes a person to almost 10 times the dose of a dental x-ray exposure.

We use digital sensors to reduce your exposure by up to 90% compared to the use of regular film.

As an additional precaution we have every device tested and licenced.  To view licences click here.